What is Collective Influence?

In a time when ‘financial success’ is a phrase often thrown around, Collective Influence, nestled in Ponte Vedra, Florida, shines as a warm community, devoted to empowering financial growth and sparking impactful charitable actions. This remarkable venture had its genesis in 2022, thanks to the visionary, Andrew Cordle and CEO, Eddie Wilson. The mission? To forge a unique selection of influential companies aimed at shattering industry norms. With the launch of an official website, Collective Influence began its journey toward revolutionizing the venture capital and private equity principals sector.

Collective Influence Definition:

A “collective” is like a team of people who come together because they care about the same thing or have a similar goal. It’s not always about making money or saving it; it’s about working together on something they all think is important.

“Influence” means having the power to make changes or affect how things go, but without forcing anything to happen. It’s like being a good friend who helps you think differently or try new things just by being around.

Now, putting these two ideas together:

Collective Influence = Working Together

When you ask ‘What is Collective Influence?’, we’re talking about a big group of people, like everyone at a company, sharing good ideas and helpful stuff. But it’s not just the bosses telling everyone what to do. Everyone, bosses and workers, get to share ideas and decide how to share them together, like a big team where everyone has a say.

When this is done right, Collective Influence helps everyone feel like they are part of a big friendly team, rooting for their company. It’s like when someone gets to be the captain in a school project and helps everyone else, making the whole group shine.

What are the Core Values of Collective Influence?

At the core of Collective Influence are values that resonate with honesty, integrity, passion, loyalty, productivity, and perfection. These aren’t just words; they are the pillars that hold the Collective Influence community together, driving them towards a mission of financial empowerment intertwined with altruism.

Networking: The Heartbeat of Collective Influence

Networking is the lifeblood of Collective Influence. Through live events, masterminds, and a platform that fosters connections, Collective Influence brings together a diverse pool of thinkers, dreamers, and doers. It’s about creating a space where ideas can collide, form new shapes, and grow into successful ventures. The more connections you make, the higher the chances of discovering opportunities that can catapult your business to new heights.

Small Business Growth: The Fuel for Financial Independence

Small businesses are the engines of our economy, and Collective Influence is all about ensuring these engines run smoothly and efficiently. Through a plethora of resources, education, and networking opportunities, small businesses find the support they need to overcome financial hurdles and steer towards a path of sustainable growth.

Tax-Free Retirement Education: Planning Your Financial Future

Understanding the nuances of tax-free retirement can be a game-changer for securing a financially stable future. Collective Influence sheds light on this crucial aspect, providing education and resources to help individuals navigate the path to a tax-free retirement. It’s about planting the seeds for a future where financial worries don’t overshadow your peace of mind.

Philanthropy: Financial Success with a Purpose

Collective Influence goes beyond financial success; it embodies a strong sense of giving back. By channeling profits towards humanitarian causes, Collective Influence showcases a blueprint where financial growth and social responsibility walk hand in hand.

A Timeline of Progress:


Foundation: The spark of creation ignites with Andrew Cordle establishing Collective Influence.
Vision Cast: The goal crystalizes – craft a collective aimed at industry revolution.
Leadership: Eddie Wilson steps into the CEO role, steering the company towards its ambitious goals.
Online Presence: With the website launch, Collective Influence makes its digital debut.
Industry Footprint: Recognition within the Venture Capital and Private Equity Principals sector starts rolling in.
Foundational Specialties: The company begins its crusade with specialties ranging from Networking to Philanthropy.


Growth Spurt: The year sees an astonishing growth trajectory for Collective Influence.
Headquarter Establishment: Ponte Vedra, FL, becomes the nerve center of operations.
Nocatee Headquarters: As the workforce burgeons, the Nocatee headquarters morphs into a hub of innovation.
Work-Space Evolution: Thoughtful decoration fuels creativity and productivity among the staff.
Wellness and Fuel: The break room’s stock of Bucked Up and nutritious snacks ensures a motivated and energized staff.
Team Expansion: By August 10th, the company roster boasts 55 dedicated professionals.
Core Value Adherence: Through every operational pivot, the core values remain the steadfast anchor.

The Road Ahead:

Scaling Peaks: Acquisition strategies are in full swing to exponentially grow both created and acquired companies.
Global Footprint: With a diverse specialty spectrum, the company aims for influential strides in various sectors.
Philanthropic Vision: Profits earmarked for world-altering philanthropic initiatives underline the grand vision.

The Collective Influence saga is a testimony to a well-choreographed synergy among diverse yet harmoniously aligned brands under its umbrella.

A Glimpse into The CI Umbrella Brands:

Aspire Tour:

One of the best live events to attend for aspiring dreamers! This event holds some of the most successful speakers, including Shark Tank’s Kevin O’Leary, and the billion-dollar brand owner Kendra Scott. Read our new article “Aspire Tour 2023: Everything You Need to Know” to learn more.

Power Room:

Eddie Wilson and Andrew Cordle unveiled Power Room in 2021, an exclusive mastermind crucible for CEOs, Entrepreneurs, and Investors, designed to inspire and influence the mavens in their fields.

Tax Free Crypto:

Andrew Cordle’s 2021 brainchild, TaxFreeCrypto.com, is a treasure trove for self-directed investors eyeing the cryptocurrency market.

Money Is:

This Andrew Cordle venture equips businesses with the savvy to operate tax-free, mirroring the financial acumen of the crème de la crème.


An app developer’s haven, Plurbo transforms ideas into digital reality.

Think Realty:

Eddie Wilson’s 2013 initiative, providing a well-spring of knowledge and tools for today’s discerning real estate investors.

Blue Ocean Media:

A 2022 joint venture by Joe Hupp, Che Oliver, Andrew Cordle, and Eddie Wilson, offering an array of marketing solutions.


A 2022 inception by Andrew Cordle, Eddie Wilson, AJ Aluthwala, and Ravi Pathirana, morphing digital landscapes.

Impact Others:

Eddie’s initiative drives businesses towards global impact through feeding, education, and clean water projects.

Empire OS:

Eddie Wilson’s 2021 venture, a business operating system formulated to sculpt leaders and aid business owners in empire building.

Chairman’s Club:

The 2023 brainchild of Eddie Wilson & Andrew Cordle, embodying the epitome of business camaraderie and mastermind synergy.

Final Thoughts

Collective Influence is more than just a name; it’s a journey towards achieving financial goals while contributing to a bigger cause. With a vision that celebrates collective growth and giving back, Collective Influence is indeed a distinctive force in the venture capital and private equity sector.

The unfolding story of Collective Influence is a testament to what a unique collection of influential brands can achieve. At its core, it’s about fostering financial empowerment, nurturing a sense of community, and extending a hand through philanthropic efforts. As it navigates forward, the venture stays true to its foundational values—Honesty, Integrity, Passion, Loyalty, Productivity, and Perfection.

If you’re captivated by the prospect of joining this transformative venture, a visit to collectiveinfluence.com is your gateway to being part of a community that’s reshaping the narrative of financial success.

Embark on a journey of financial enlightenment with collectiveinfluence.com, where a community-focused ethos and a noble cause are interwoven into its very fabric.


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