What is the best advice from Grant Cardone?

Grant Cardone is not just another name in the world of business. He’s a force to reckon with, an entrepreneurial titan, and a sales powerhouse. With a career spanning decades, his insights have sculpted the paradigms of success for many. Let’s dive into the best advice from this mogul.

The Power of Tenacity: “10X Rule”

The 10X Rule isn’t about simply doing more—it’s about dreaming bigger and acting accordingly. It’s about tackling tasks with ten times the effort you initially think they’d require. Imagine trying to lose weight; instead of aiming for 10 pounds, aim for 100. It’s a radical shift in mindset that opens doors to unthinkable achievements. Success, as Cardone sees it, isn’t about meeting the standard; it’s about redefining it.


Invest in Yourself Before Anything Else

Cardone frequently underscores the unmatched ROI of investing in oneself. Whether it’s through courses, books, seminars, or hiring a mentor, equipping oneself with knowledge and skill is paramount. It’s akin to sharpening your blade in the business battleground. You wouldn’t enter a race with an old car, would you?

Don’t Be a Little B****

Blunt as always, Cardone reminds us that the path to success is littered with challenges. Instead of shying away or making excuses, face them head-on. Responsibility is a powerful tool. Once you stop blaming others or circumstances, you regain control over your destiny.

Embrace Obsession in Your Pursuit

For Cardone, obsession is the fuel behind any significant accomplishment. While society often paints obsession in a negative light, channeling it towards your goals can create wonders. It’s the burning desire that keeps you up at night, refining, perfecting, and driving towards your vision.

The Importance of Sales Skills

Whether you’re pitching a product, an idea, or yourself in a job interview, you’re selling. Cardone believes that mastering sales is mastering the art of persuasion, understanding human needs, and positioning solutions effectively. It’s not about pushing but guiding someone towards a realization that what you offer is of value.


Surround Yourself with Success

You’re the average of the five people you spend the most time with. Cardone champions the notion of upgrading your circle. By associating with those who’ve achieved what you seek, not only do you gain insights but also adapt a success-oriented mindset. It’s not about using people but immersing oneself in an environment that radiates success.

Financial Advice: Make Your Money Work

Money idle is money wasted. Cardone’s rise in real estate showcases his belief in making every dollar work. Investing wisely, understanding the power of passive income, and leveraging opportunities can turn your financial situation around. It’s not about working for money, but making money work for you.


Commit First, Figure Out Later

In the world of business, hesitancy can be costly. While meticulous planning is crucial, there comes a time when one must leap. Cardone’s advice? Commit. Dive into opportunities. This ‘act first’ approach isn’t about recklessness but about adapting, learning, and growing on the go.

Stay Hungry and Stay Humble

The landscape of success is ever-evolving. What got you here won’t get you there. Cardone emphasizes the importance of a relentless hunger for more, but equally crucial is humility. It’s about acknowledging that there’s always more to learn, more to achieve, and yet, being grateful for every win, small or large.


Grant Cardone’s insights are not mere words but philosophies etched in experience. Each piece of advice, a testament to his journey. As we part, challenge yourself: which of these will you embrace today?

For those hungry for more, dive into Cardone’s bestsellers like “The 10X Rule” and “Sell or Be Sold”. Furthermore, Cardone University offers a wealth of knowledge for those serious about scaling their success.


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