A Unique Collection of Influential Companies

CI Fitcon

Through our events that showcase a variety of fitness activities, we hope everyone will Find Their Fit™ and embrace a mentally and physically challenging lifestyle.

CI Power Room

The most exclusive mastermind for CEO’s and entrepreneurs, Power Room achieves it’s goal- to inspire, impact, and influence- by bringing together leaders.

CI Tax Free Crypto

The industry leader for crypto day-traders, Tax Free Crypto consulting services assists traders in enhancing their trading and optimizing their returns.

CI Money Is

Through our live, in-person development programs, Money Is will teach you how to play the game of money by the same rules the 1% play by.

CI Plurbo

Built by AptiCode, Plurbo is the complete software solution for community influencers needing a fully customizable app tailored to fit their target audience.

CI Think Realty

Think Realty’s mission is enabling investors to live a more purposeful life by helping them achieve their wealth-building and time management goals.

CI Mana Health

Layered treatments monitored by world-class doctors is the core of Mana Health’s customized treatment plans for your unique hormone spectrum needs.

CI Blue Ocean Media

An industry leader specializing in the social media space, Blue Ocean will develop strategies to help you better utilize social media to drive business growth.

CI Apticode

A full-service software development company with over 50 developers, AptiCode helps small business owners leverage tech to add value for their customers.

CI Empire

With a proven track record of success, the Empire Operating System software is the key to elevating your business- large or small- to the next level.


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